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An image with the text 'it's going to take all of us' with two people that are wearing masks that have just received a covid19 vaccine

Switchboard Victoria Vaccination Campaign - FabJab week

Illustration / Poster design

One of my favourite campaigns to be involved in for 2021 - the Switchboard Victoria vaccination campaign. Encouraging LGBTIQ+ folk to get vaccinated.

Consulting with the LGBTIQ+ community to create this campaign was key to it's success - it allowed us to understand the way to communicate to our community and give hope for change.

The LGBTIQ+ community has a long history of health promotion campaigns - with some very important health messaging around HIV and AIDS awareness that has supported our community and provided education at a time when the world turned against us.

This vaccination campaign needed to provide an outlook of community working together - 'It's going to take all of us - to protect our communities most vulnerable.' 

This campaign was printed as posters and distributed around Melbourne in the week that Victoria came out of the 6th lockdown. It coincided with other LGBTIQ+ communities working on the #fabjab campaign. You can find out more info here

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